Hire Terms and Conditions. 

Updated: January 2020


1. The hirer’s liability in respect of any defect or failure of the equipment supplied is limited to making good by replacement or repair defects which under proper use conditions appear therein and arise solely from faulty design materials and workmanship. We are not to be held liable for stoppages or any consequential loss or damage arising out of work done or services rendered under any contract of hire.

2. All damage to the equipment shall be reported to ACTTS within 24 hours and the cost of full repairs shall be payable.

3. The hiring period of the equipment shall commence at the time specified in the hire invoice and shall finish when the equipment is returned to ACTTS and has acknowledged safe and complete receipt of the equipment. The equipment must be returned (or made available for collection) at the time and date specified in the Agreement Form, unless in the meantime ACTTS has agreed to an extension. If the equipment is not returned complete and in a fully working and hireable state the Hirer shall be responsible for continued hire charges until all damage is rectified to ACTTSs sole satisfaction and / or monies to the full replacement value received by ACTTS.

4. Equipment should not be modified, unscrewed, or parts or units removed without written permission.

5. The equipment shall be the responsibility of the Hirer at all times until returned. In the event of loss of equipment, parts of equipment or any item thereof from whatsoever cause or reason, the Hirer shall immediately pay to the owner the full costs of replacement, details of which are held by ACTTS.

6. Payment for hire shall be made prior to the hire, and any additional hire agreed paid within 28 days.

7. The Hirer, during the continuance of the hiring, will not sell or offer for sale, assign, lend or subhire the equipment. The hirer will keep the equipment in its possession and will not remove the same or any part or parts thereof from the place where the equipment is for the time being, without the previous consent of ACTTS

8. The hirer shall keep the equipment insured against fire, loss, damage or risk from whatever cause arising in the full replacement value thereof and will permit ACTTS at all reasonable times to have access to the equipment and to inspect the state and conditions of it. If equipment is found to be misused or stored where it could lead to damage, ACTTS can remove the equipment, refunding back a part hire cost.

9. No responsibility shall be accepted by ACTTS for any equipment not belonging to ACTTS. This includes any damage to any equipment connected to the hired equipment.

10. The equipment shall be deemed to be in good condition at the beginning of the hire period unless any damage has been noted on the delivery note.

11. The Hirer shall pay for batteries and other consumables required for any equipment.

12. All equipment, including cables will be returned in their hired condition, taped correctly using PVC tape. Any damage to cables will be charged in full.

13. A deposit is normally required for hire. ACTTS reserve the right to ask for a deposit up to the value of the equipment, which will be returned when the equipment has been returned in good and complete working order.

14. ACTTS do not accept liability for any malfunction in equipment and will only return the hire cost for that equipment.

15. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that equipment hired is packed correctly and neatly ready for collection at the end of the hire period to avoid additional charges of the standard hourly rate.